UV lamps by MR® are based on durable and energy-efficient LED technology and
are designed for industrial applications. Most available lamps are classified at the
enclosure protection level IP64 and protected from total dust ingress and water spray.
MR® UV lamps are primarily used for non-destructive crack detection(NDT).
 They are also used in research, medicine, criminology, and building renovation.



  • Powerful UVA-LEDs
  • No harmful UVB/UVC radiation
  • Durable LED technology
  • Sturdy housing
  • Low maintenance
  • Quality - made in Germany
  • Homogeneous illumination



  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Automatic switching between UV and white light
  • White light portion <5 lux with mirror filter
  • Protective switch-off in case of overtemperature
  • Battery or mains operation
  • Constant irradiance
  • Status LED red/green
  • Protective rubber ring around the LED head
  • Solvent-based (ketone) remover for contrast paint in magnetic particle testing
  • Colorless, fast drying
  • Suitable for all metals and ceramics (plastics must be checked in advance)


MR 96 DSL UV Led Flashlight with Spray Aid

  • Robust aluminum housing
  • UV LED flashlight
  • Ergonomic spray aid
  • Developed for mobile use/li>
  • White light component <5 lux with mirror

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