Specialist chemical manufacturers, DZanetech provides bespoke products, consulting and technical support to local Foundries. In response to market demands, we have expanded our offering to include the Timber, Hygiene and Lubricants industries.

DZanetech is the culmination of more than 70 years of service-based technical expertise, client-centricity and consistently on-trend product development.

We know the products we offer are just a small part of a much bigger picture.  What sets us apart from our competitors is that we keep this big picture in mind. We understand that our customers are not purchasing chemical formulations, but the means to create end products that delight their customers.

That’s why our customer’s success has become such a critical part of our business.

And why our purpose will always be ‘to make our customers succeed’.


The theory and the science is what it is, but it’s what we do with it to serve our customers that sets us apart.’

 - Jacques Swanepoel, DZanetech National Sales Manager

We leverage long term, strategic partnerships and deep-seated industry knowledge to deliver the kinds of products and services you need to help your business succeed, whether this means innovation, faster turn-around, cost savings, less waste or improving end product quality.

How ever you measure success - we strive to be a part of that.


A diverse range and deep skill sets gives DZanetech the flexibility to ensure relevant and customer-centric solutions. Continuous improvement coupled with an intuitive understanding of global and local markets drives our sustainability.


Formulations are tailored to your requirements, accommodating everything from the sand and binders used, to the work and strip times needed in core and mould making processes. Moreover, DZanetech tracks product and supply trends to ensure quality and consistency of supply for the peace of mind your business needs in tumultuous times.


Our world-class consulting and technical services are designed to give you a definite edge over the competition. We are always eager to collaborate with suppliers and clients on creative solutions to industry challenges.