Magnetic particle inspection is suitable for detecting discontinuities (e.g. cracks) in or near the surface of ferromagnetic materials.

The workpiece must be magnetized in the test area. The discontinuity can be shown best if the magnetic field is vertical to the discontinuity.

There are various types of detection media: a suspension of coloured (including black) or fluorescent particles in a carrier fluid (based on water or oil), or dry powders. Fluorescent media usually gives the highest sensitivity.

Dry testing:

The test area can be sprayed with a dry magnetic powder, or the workpiece can be dipped into a container in which the particles are kept afloat by air whirling (eddy pot procedure). The dry testing is recommendable where a wetting of the surface must be avoided, or with the examination of hot parts.

Wet testing:

The magnetic powder is suspended in a carrier fluid. The particle size of the powder is smaller so that smaller discontinuities may be detected.



MR72 - Contrast Paint

  • White contrast paint for magnetic particle inspection
  • Carrier medium Ketone
  • Free of Acetone
  • Dries quickly
  • Very good adhesion to all materials
  • High covering power
  • Forms a smooth, white film


MR76S - Magnetic Ink

  • Black Magnetic Powder Suspension for Magnetic Particle Testing according to EN ISO 9934:1
  • ASME Version
  • Carrier medium oil
  • High sensitivity, suitable for fine cracks
  • Average particle size 4 µm
  • Settlement volume (1h) 1,20 – 2,40 ml / 100ml
  • Excellent wetting ability optimized distribution of propellant during spraying from an aerosol can


MR71 - Paint Remover

  • Solvent-based (ketone) remover for contrast paint in magnetic particle testing
  • Colorless, fast drying
  • Suitable for all metals and ceramics (plastics must be checked in advance)



MR76F - Magnetic Powder Suspension - Fluorescent

  • Water and solvent removable penetrant red and fluorescent
  • Penetrant Type II
    Sensitivity level 2 acc. EN ISO3452:2
  • Crack indication colour red
  • Suitable for all metals with excellent wetting properties
    (suitability for plastics and ceramics must be checked before use)
  • Carrier medium glycol




  • Water washable penetrant fluorescent
  • Penetrant Type I
  • Sensitivity level 2 acc. EN ISO 3452:2
  • Crack indication colour yellow and yellow fluorescent
  • Suitable for all metals (suitability for plastics and ceramics must be checked before use)
  • Carrier medium Glycol, Ester



MR230 - Magnetic Powder Red

  • Ready-to-use magnetic powder with ferromagnetic particles
  • Especially suitable for finding gross defects on pipes, large raw castings, pipe welds, welded structures etc.
  • Suitable for dry testing on warm and hot surfaces
  • Processing temperature up to max. 315 °C
  • Average grain size da = 15 – 160 μm
  • Density 2.5 – 3 g/cm³


MR232 - Magnetic Powder Green

  • Developer powder for penetrant testing
  • Easy removability
  • QPL SAE AMS 2644


MR233 - Dry Powder Yellow

  • A highly refined nonfluorescent and fluorescent yellow magnetic powder
  • Used for dry method magnetic particle inspection
  • Designed to be used in visible light, black light, and blue light to reveal discontinuities on fabricated components or weldments such as bridges, drill pipes, large tanks, and machinery
  • Possesses a unique characteristic in that discontinuities in visible light are a distinct green and under black light or blue light the discontinuities fluorescent a sharp yellow
  • This specially iron-based powder is designed to minimize “dustiness” and provide clear, sharp discontinuities. The decrease in dusting allows for a safer inspection area
  • Meets or exceeds AMS 3040 and all applicable industry specifications.

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