Our vision is simple.

To advance our customers by

advancing chemical technologies.


A home-grown operation with strong international ties, specialty chemicals provider DZanetech was founded in 2020, inspired by a need to ensure our customers have access to the kind of innovative solutions, technical know-how, and quality products they need to thrive.

Because our customers are so unique, each with their own vision and objectives, we knew from the start that a one-size-fits-all methodology was never going to be an appropriate business model.  Instead, we chose to pursue a more one-on-one approach.  While success might look different for each, we’ve made it our goal to be a part of it – whether this be cost management, the need for innovation, staying ahead of the green curve - or a combination thereof.


Our team of skilled application technologists collectively share more than 70 years’ worth of expertise – first in foundries, then in timber, and most recently in manufacturing. 

We support our customers with a full raft of technical and consulting services via our locally-based lab in Modderfontien. Our national footprint means even our most remote customers have access to the formulations they need.

The business is captained by a management team that has strong ties to the local market and continues to foster essential relationships with global partners. That said, our roots will forever be firmly embedded in African soil.  DZanetech is proud of our commitment to transformation and as such is a Level 1 BBBEE company.

Finally, as manufacturers, we feel it’s important to acknowledge that responsible operations should be a conscious choice and not just a PR exercise. It helps us attract the right kind of partners, customers, and employees who will share our vision for the future.


We are proud to be judged by the company we keep.

Our collaborations are what set us apart.  From local foundries to international partnerships,
we are passionate about discovering innovative, sustainable solutions through joint efforts with industry and world leaders.

DZanetech continues to foster relationships with the likes of MycroKleen, HA Group, Vemek, AECI and Versatile.

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